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The Bernt Balchen Lodge of the Sons of Norway contributed a start-up capital of in 1988, and many volunteers worked hard the first years to ensure that the initiative would become a lasting success.

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Riders & Roaders, info and history

The very first band, Roaders, was founded in 1988. The next year, Riders was born, and since then these bands have performed to the great appreciation and joy of both musicians and audience.

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Praises and awards

The Golden Needle award

Andreas Hall Torgersen was the first mentally disabled person in Norway to receive the Dissimilis Golden Needle award. Andreas received this prestigeous award at the age of 35 in June, 2003.

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The colour and number system is an evolution of the traditional note system, in the sense that each musical note has been given a colour or a number. Historically, the use of colours is not new. As far back in time as the 11th century, an Italian monk paved the way for modern music notation.

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Sponsors / sponsor strategy etc.

The target is to finance at least 50% of the activities by public sector funding, and that the rest is funded by user fees, sponsor support, support memberships and donations.


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Health – Culture as medicine

Music as a cultural activity and a form of expression has become increasingly widespread also among the mentally disabled, and we have experienced that it leads to significant health benefits. The learning and mastering abilities are improved because the students experience that challenges can be overcome and assignments solved, and that they eventually succeed.

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International projects, Latvia, Riga

The Sun Centre in Latvia

The Sound of Happiness Competence Centre has contributed to establishing and developing the first band and the first competence centre for mentally disabled in Latvia, at the Sun Centre (Saule Centr) in Riga.

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International projects, Germany, Münster

The Alexianer Centre in Münster

A solid and fruitful cooperation has been initiated with the Alexianer Centre in Münster, and the cooperation with Münster is presently one of the cornerstones of our international work.

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